Paragraph About Future Plans

Paragraph About Future Plans

A plan based on future is called future plan. Man who wishes to succeed in life must have a definite future plan in his life. It is very important for everybody. Now I am reading in class X. I have a future plan too. I want to serve the people of my locality. With this noble idea. I choose to be a doctor. I have seen with my own eyes how the poor people of my village suffer from discases every year and die without treatment and medical help. So I have decided to become a doctor. In order to fulfill my aim I am studying in the science group at the level of S.S.C and I shall also take science group at the college level after passing S.S.C examination successfully.

Then I shall pass H.S.C examination and get myself admitted into a medical college for M.B.B.S degree. After having the degree I shall come back home to serve my countrymen. I shall open a dispensary and treat the poor without fees. If it is possible for me I shall established a hospital and serve our country.

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