Composition The Life Of A Farmer

Composition The Life Of A Farmer

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. About eighty percent of our total population are farmers. So we can see people connecting with agriculture who are the important part of our nation. Our farmers lead a very hard life. They work from dawn to dusk. Sometimes they are seen working all over the night.

A farmer is very busy with his sacred duty. He gets up very earlier Before going to wordly work he perform his religious duty. Then he takes ‘Stale rice” as his breakfast. He transfers his cattle and let them eat. Then he goes to his field. There he cultivates his land. He uses fertilizer and sow seed. Though sometimes weather harms him, but he works ignoring the scorching heat of the sun. At mid day he returns home for taking his meal. When he is under pressure of work his wife or somebody else brings his food  and he eats his meal in the field. For refreshing or forgetting his tiredness he sings melodious song.

Farmer are the life of our nation. They supply food for us. They are self-employed. In this way they are solving our unemployment problem. A farmer forgetting his own sorrow and pain he works all day long. He thinks it is his responsibility to serve the nation. He is the backbone of our country and nation.

Though a farmer devotes himself for the nation but his personal life is very sorrowful. He has no proper shelter. He lives in cottage. Rain and scorching rays of the sun harms him. He has no land of his own. He cultivates the land of others. He gets a portion from there. In this way he maintains his family. He cannot plough his land as he has no cattle of his own. Sometimes he takes loan at high rate of interest. So he becomes poorer day by day. It is very sorrowful when we see that a farmer who grows food for the nations he cannot eat as much as he need. As an illiterate person a farmer does not know the importance of family planning. So he has many children.

A farmer serves his nation through out his life. But he is neglected . He lives a sorrowful life. We should take care of our farmer. We should help them to improve their lot.

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