Value Of Time Composition

Value Of Time Composition

Value of time means doing work in a proper time. It is most important. Time is more valuable than money. Ut goes by and by, but does not come back. We can regain lost money and health but time once gone is gone for ever.

Human life is for work. We cannot do it before or after its time. So every work must be done in proper time. For this, There is a proverb, “Time and tide waits for none”

Our life is nothing but the total of some hours, days and years. So we can not misuse our time. If we misuse time that would be a great lose for us. So killing time is to shorten life. If we do not do our duty with the proper time than so many work of our life will remain unfinished at the end of our life for this, we cannot neglect our time. So it is vogue in our society, chance comes but once.

For the success of our life we should know the value of time. But we do not always keep time. It is really bad habit. For an example, a notice has been served that a meeting will be held at 4 p.m. The people of our country will go there after 5 p.m. This is the habit of us. This is not a habit but a bad habit. This bad habit is responsible for the unsuccessful of our life. Success depends on the proper use of time.

If we study the lives of the great men of the world then we will be able to learn that they never waste their time rather they properly use their time. Like them if we do not waste our time, we can achieve success in our life for all times. So, for the bright prospect of our future children should be taught the value of time from their very childhood.

Even there some animals those are not idle. The birds, the bees and other animals are active. They gather their own food. Man is the best creature of Allah. So we should make the best use of time.

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