A Moon Lit Night Composition

A Moon Lit Night Composition

A moon-lit night is very charming. In moon-lit night all nature seems bathed in a cool silvery light. It seems to be a world of dream. A moon-lit night makes us to forget our small sorrows and anxieties. We know it is a heavenly blessing.

In a moon-lit night the moon shines clear and bright. The sky looks dreamy. Trees, plants, fields and villages look heavenly. A moon lit night gives a new appearance to the river. The sea too appears wonderfully in a moon lit night. A moon-lit night is really joyful.

A moon-lit night appears wonderful to a standing man in the open field. The fields look around dreamy. The man himself is also charmed. It may become impossible for a man to leave the place at once. This is one of the charms that night has.

During the winter in the moon-lit night, the young man of the village plays various kinds of games in the open field. They mostly prefer playing ha-du-du. They play the game far into the night and game goes on for nights together till the dark half of the moon comes in.

All the people, men and women, young and old, love the charms of the moon-lit night. It seems that moon-lit has cast a spell upon them and it is a wonderful night which makes us happy, beyond measure. Our mind is naturally drown to the charms around. So, we shall not forget it from our heart.

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