Truthfulness Composition

Truthfulness Composition

Truthfulness is the habit of telling the truth. It avoids telling what is not true. It is a great virtue. A truthful man is true in all respects. He is true in all respects. He is true in thought, in word and deeds. He is respected and trusted by all. People can rely upon him. A truthful man is not afraid of anyone. He has strength of mind. We should bear in mind that truth stands at last.

Falsehood leads to falsehood. A lie may succeed once or twice. But it will come out once. It will then bring disgrace upon the man who tells a lie. He who tells a lie needs many more lies to support it. He passes his life in anxiety. he is always afraid of being caught. He is to be always on his guard. So he loses the peace of mind. The story of the boy and the wolf is a good example, the wolf could taken away the life of the boy for telling lies.

We should learn to be truthful from our infancy. All virtues creates from truthfulness.

Our be loved Prophet Mohammad (Sm) was loved even by his enemies for his truthfulness. Hazrat Abdul Kadir Jilany (R) taught an ideal lesson to the leader of robbers. Actual great men are those who speak the truth. Truthfulness purifies the mind. A truthfulness never suffers from miscry and misfortune.

Once the habit of telling lies is formed. It can not be shaken off without truth, a society can not exist. History tells us so. Money and gold can not save a nation, but if the people are truthful and honest, they can save a nation. So everyone should learn to be truthful.

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