A Rainy Day Composition

A Rainy Day Composition

In the country side even, after the heaviest rains, the water is drained away into the tanks and low lands. The village homes are often watered if there is abnormal rainfall or the rivers overflow. In town, however, streets are under water for hours after a shower. Most part of the road have been built up, but the under ground sewerage has not yet been expanded, naturally the water can not be drained away quickly.

The streets and lanes become minor rivers. As soon as the rain ceases, boys come out in their numbers. Some of them play in the water and make noise and laughter through the flood scattering much water. Some of them sail boats and improvise merrily for the amusment of lookers and passers-by. If it rains at night time, this juvenile hilarity is of course, absent. The street lamps twinkle on the streaming waters.

One who lives in the better type of houses, a shower rain the often welcomes. He sits quietly by the window and listens to the music of the pattering rainfall, and watches men and women walking through the streets for seeking shelter, or the just lean back and enjoys the pelting rain sweeping through the dim spaces to the far horizons. If he is a poet, he takes it into heart the beauty of the scene.

But it cools the temperature and it is a blessing to the people in a hot and stuffy weather in Bangladesh. Considering all things, we can say with the poet Longfellow.

How beautiful is the rain!
After the dust and heat,
In the broad and fiery street,
And in the narrow lane
How beautiful the rain!


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