My Experience Of Visiting a Flood A Affected Area

My Experience Of Visiting a Flood A Affected Area

A few years ago almost the whole of Bangladesh was inundated under flood water. It was then a matter of terrible experience.

All the families of the locality were affercted by flood. A relief camp was opened in the local high school. About two thousand villagers took shelter in it. So it was overcrowded. There was an acute scarity of drinking water. I found many children crying for food. Some women were weeping and wiping their tears with their skirts. They were all waiting for relief goods.

Then I went round the village by a motor-driven boat. I found many familes who had taken shelters on their house-roofs and their domestic animals were also with them. There was only water and water around. I talked to them. Many of them shed tears whiile talking to me. I carried some dry food and rice with me. I distributed those the needy people. They felt very happy. I was surprised to see how both domestic animals and the members of some familes living in he same room. Their miseries knew no bounds.

In the eveing, I returned to my own house. The house were not under flood water but the yard was submerged. I found my mother praying with tears in eyes. I can’t still forget the horrible sight of that cataclysmic flood. May Allah save our people from such a flood.

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