History of valentine’s day

Valentine’s day very special day all over the world. valentine’s day is very important everybody and all human.

History of valentine’s day

history of valentine day

We all indeed know about valentine’s day date i.e.fourteenth February and that it is a day of lover. but i’m sure many of us do not have a clear idea as to who discovered valentine’s day and how did the very idea of celebrating valentine’s day come from ? many of us are ignorant about the origin of

Valentine’s day it is interesting to learn about valentine day story so read further to know about the history of valentines day.

Actually nobody has a clear idea as to who was saint valentine because there were three Different saint valentines and all were martyred. some stories suggest that valentine day Owes its origin to

The roman empire during the reign of emperor Claudius ll. it was in those times when the Emperor felt that married men turned out to be poor soldiers and thus he was against the Very idea of marriage of young couples.

valentine’s day facts

valentine's day factsBut when he got to know that saint valentine defied him and was secretly encouraging Young lovers to get married, he passed orders for his death. and it was on the fourteen of February  when this

Great saint valentine died in around 270 AD. A couple of stories suggest that saint valentine Protected Christians from the clutches of harsh roman punishments.

While some maintain that Valentine himself initiated the concept of sending love message in Which he had ended the note by writing ‘ from your valentine’ people say during Imprisonment he fell in

Love with the jailer’s daughter and he had expressed his feelings for her in the most Romantic manner by writing a love letter. well the more the mouths, more the number of Stories.

But one thing that everyone believes in is the fact that valentine was a very romantic person And was the one to lay the foundation for lovers to come forward and express feelings to Their valentine. so guys always remember, love is the most beautiful feeling of heart that Thrills the other organs so don’t hesitate confessing it to the person you love and we wish You good luck !





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