messages of love for her

messages of love for her : Dear Reader Friends, I have brought for you some messages of love for her I hope you like it and share this post. I hope you enjoy reading it. thanks

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messages of love for hermessages of love for her

*** One thing two do three words for you, I love you.
*** I will always forgive you for your mistakes though I never got any apologies…!
*** Someday we will have the life we knew we would. Together.
*** I can’t imagine how I managed to survived my boring life without you. Thank God I did, because if I did not, I would never met you, and I would not have the life I was wishing for my whole life. I love you…!
*** I won’t close my eyes, because I don’t want to miss you even for a second.
*** No stars can shine as bright as you.
*** If cars, trains and airplanes can’t take me to you, I would walk just to see you…!
*** I thank God every time cecause He gave me you.
*** The little steps I took led me to a wonderful destination, that’s you.
*** Days grew shorter and nights longer when you have to say goodbye.
*** I will never see the world the same way, It is because of you…!
*** I hate waiting, I really do. But I did that for you. I must really love you.
*** You are like a shooting star, you make all my wishes come true. You are the light that guides me in the darkest path. You are my courage in every battle I face. I do not know how you do the things you do, you must be a superhero. I love you and all your super powers. I love you and all your weaknesses. I love you…!!
*** You know what, you should be strictly prohibited. Why? Because you are like a drug, you keep me high up on the clouds. I feel an unexplainble happiness when you are around. I can’t get enough of you. You are my addiction and I think, I can never be cured. But I don’t care, I love you being my heroine…!
*** I know I should not love you, but I can’t help it. I know you can’t be mine for now, or maybe forever, and that’s alright. I am contented with loving you from afar. I just love seeing you happy even when that happiness does not include me. I will always be a call away, whenever you need me, I will surely be there…!
*** You are the medicine to every pain I feel..!
*** I will live the rest of my life with you…!
*** Your live is the food of my soul…!
*** Today, I vow to give you all the happiness you deserve..!
*** You are the light the drives out my darkness…!
*** We fit like a puzzle. You complete the missing part of me.
*** Your words warm up the inner part of my sleeping soul…!
*** The only goodbye you have to hear is when I die.
*** I will give you my last breath if I have to.
*** I could face all the difficulties of tomorrow, for I have you in my arms forever.
*** Money cannot buy the happiness you give me…!
*** There’s nothing in this world that could compare to you..!

messages of love for her smsmessages of love for her sms

*** You take away my breath with a simple hi..!
*** Don’t ever go away. I cannot live without a heart.
*** You digged your own way through my mind, heart and soul.
*** I will always remember your face for it is carved in my heart…!
*** No one in this world could bring me back to life except your love…!
*** With you every day is worth living…!
*** You inspire me to be better, for us.
*** I will always take your love in my heart forever..!
*** You’re like a scar. Painful but always worth it.
*** The lights are too dim compared to the brightness of you.
*** I will always fall for you, today tomorrow and even in the last day of my life.
*** The world broke me but your love put my pieces together again.
*** No matter what happen, I will always be there to warm your cold heart…!
***Ride or die, I am by your side.
*** You take away all my pain, sadness and pure love.
*** Life is more annoying with you but I’d rather spend it with the person I truly love.
*** Distance makes our love stronger…!
*** I could live without any lust as long as I have you and your trust..!
*** With you, nobody can drag us down…!
*** You are my motivation, inspiration and the only person I want is you..!
*** You are more than one person for me. You are my best friend and my loving partner.
*** There is no place more beautiful than holding you in my arms…!
*** You are the reason I live this long.
*** Years may have gone but my love will always stay the same..!
*** You are the apple to my pie, peanut to my jelly, captain of my ship and the love of my life…!

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