My Daily Life Composition

My Daily Life Composition


Everybody should have a daily routine to do his duties regularly. None can perform his day to day functions perfectly without having a daily routine written or unwritten . Here i describe my daily life in a nut shell.

I get up from bed early in the morning. Then i go to the pond for ablution and say my prayers. After saying my prayers, I go out for morning walk in the open field. I usually come back from the field before the sun rises, After breakfast, i go to my reading room. first, i revise my old lessons and then go on with my class works for the day.

After finishing my lessons, I go to the pond to bathe. i swim, dive and rub my body in the clear water at that time. This keeps my body healthy and saves me from any sort of skin disease. after bathing, I come back and get myself ready to go to school. firstly, I take my meal and take rest foe a short while. then i go to my room and put on dress and start for school.

I go to school before 11 a.m. And take my seat in the front bench. This helps me much in listening to the lecture of my teachers attentively and taking down important points of their lectures.

At 1-00 pm. we have a recess. Now i say my seat in the front bench. This helps me much in listening to the school breaks up at 4-00 p.m. and i come back home. After taking a light refreshment i usually go to the playground and play football, cricket etc.

After performing my evening prayers, I prepare my new lessons. i go on with my studies upto 10-00 p.m. Then i take my supper and go to bed.



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