Valentine’s Day Sms

Valentine’s Day Sms: Dear readers, this page has been arranged for you to share with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day SMS. I hope you like it a lot.

Valentine’s Day Sms

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Valentine’s Day Sms

Valentine's Day Sms

Valentine’s Day Sms

24 hours make a lovely day,,
7 days make a lovely week,,,
52 weeks make a lovely year,,,,
And knowing a person like you makes my life lovely.

48+2 members can sit in a bus.,, 5+1 can sit in a car..,, 3+1 can sit in a bike.,,1+1 can sit in a auto.,, Only 1 can sit in my heart.,, That’s “U” my dear valentine….,,,,,@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Do u know what r the meanings VALENTINE ans : You r
V: Very
E: eminent
L: lovely
E: energetic
N: nice
T: tamizdar
I: inteligent
N: noble
E: everloveing……………………………………………………………….Best
Valentine’s Day

Today i like you,,, Tomorrow i will love you through the frights through the cold nights. I love you always and forever…@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Love is like a cloud,, Love is like a dream,, Love is 1 word and everything in between love is a fairytale come true i found love when i found u…..@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Love is like playing the piano.,, First you must learn to play by the rules,, Then you must forget the rules and play from your heart…,,,,@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Valentine’s Day Sms

I love u d way u talk
I love u d way u laugh
I love u d way u react
I love u d way u think
I love u the way u are
You are my Valentine

You are the dream in my sleep,, You are the vision in my eye,, You are the smile on my lips,, You are the beat of my heart,, You are the Angel in my prayer,, And you are light of my life ! A Very Happy Valentine’s Day”’

To a friend who has been there.,, To a friend who always care.,, To a friend who has been along.,, Just like a wonderful song to a friend whose my strength wishing you all the love this day wishing you a happy valentine’s day ! Have a great day !

Rose are red and violets are blue, I’ve never been more in love with you ! Happy Valentine’s Day, my love !

I love reading love stories but honestly ours is my favorite. Thanks for writing every chapter of our life so romantic….@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Happy Valentine’s Day..!!
Love is not as simple as candle and roses
Love is day-to- day living; talking time,
making time to be there,
with open arms, and giving heart….

Just like we always and ever be together “””@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

I love you more today than I did yesterday,, But not as much as i will tomorrow…@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Tell me you love me.” Tell me you care.” Tell me that you’ll always be there.”@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Valentine’s Day Sms Messages

Valentine's Day Sms Messages

Valentine’s Day Sms Messages

The smilest word is l,
The sweetest word is LOVE
and the dearest person in the world is U.
tats y I LOVE U….@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

What is LOVE ? it’s not a thing will not come first site.. Because,, Love is a moment of truth,,,@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

For you see,, Each day i love you more,, Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow…

Anyone can catch your eye, But It takes someone special to catch your heart…@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

I am sweet and, You are sour, So just shut up, And give me a flower “”@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

Hope your Valentine’s Day is great,
I hope it’s quite a treat,
I hope you have a happy day,
Filled with things so sweet…


Sweetheart, I Want to thank you on this Valentine’s Day, You make my life so bright, Colorful and so full of love. I Will always love you, Deep inside my heart. I thank god that you are in my life…

Happy valentine’s Day sweetheart, You mean the world to me,, And make me happy all the time. You are the reason that i smile. The world is a better place to live because of you.

You are the beat of my heart…The one I really love…Don’t let me out of your sight for I’m yours by heart…@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

My heart to u is given,, Oh dear, Do give yours to me, We’ll lock them up together and throw away the key,,,@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@

There is in you a loveliness,
That makes my darkness shine,,
And so i’ll wait, if wait I must,,,
To be your Valentine,,,,@#***HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY***#@



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