Discipline Composition

Discipline Composition

A man can not live a solitary life. He must live in a society. So he can not do whatever he likes. He is to abide by some rules and regulations of the society. Theses are called, “discipline”

A student life is the best time to learn discipline. A school is a training center of discipline. A student must obey the orders of the teachers and all the rules of the school. He must attend school in time and bring the books from the house regularly.

Man is social being. Those who fail to do his duties must be unhappy. This is why, We can not act as we like. All the creation of the world teach us discipline. The regular movement of the sun, the moon and the planets proves how the divine creator keeps the world in discipline. It is inseparable everywhere in a family, in school and colleges and offices. Real freedom can not be enjoyed in the absence of discipline.

Discipline is strictly maintained in military department. Want of discipline means chaos and confusion. The great man of the world behaved in unity, faith and discipline. One must strictly observe the rules of discipline.

Those who are accustom to discipline and obey rules, They become successful every step of their lives. Discipline prevents a person from going astray and it is the route of prosperity. It is the supreme virtue so everybody should do his duty at the just time in the right way.

Leading an in disciplined life is to sail in a ship without a rudder. Thus indiscipline leads a person to destruction.


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