Your Childhood Days Composition

Your Childhood Days Composition

Introduction: Childhood is the sweetest period in human life. At this early stage of life. We are free from all sorts of tension, anxiety and grim realities of life. We are, then, at the highest zenith of pleasure and ease.

Man’s fondness of the past : Our mind, in time of trouble and anxiety, in order to have peace and tranquility, always turns back to our childhood. The sweet memories of our childhood enlivens our burdened and unsteady mind mind. So whenever I get fade up with my present life, I hurriedly get back to my past childhood childhood days in order to get some relief.

Source of intense pleasure and delight : My childhood is a great source of intoxicating joy and unmixed delight. Nothing can be more delightful for me as the memories of my childhood of my childhood. Whenever I remember these memories. i cannot supress my intense joy. I being deeply influenced by these sweet recollections, start to copy my childlike pre-occupation. In fact, the joy and delight of my childhood is so intense and ardent that I cannot express them in words.

Events in your childhood : I had a very eventful childhood. During my childhood. I was a very adventurous and dauntless boy. I along with friends used to flock together everywhere. In their company I used to fly kites catch birds swim in the river, steal mangoes and other fruits from our neighbouring villages. I also used to pretend to feel feverish in order to avoid my schooling. Sometimes, I used to row a small boat in a nearby stream. Besides, I would play different village games with my friends.

Activities during holidays : During my childhood, whenever I got a holiday, I would take as a rare opportunity for visiting my relatives, especially my grandfather’s house. Nobody could prevent me from this whim. Sometimes, I with my friends would cross our river and played there different childlike games all the day long and would return just before the evening. On other occasions, we would arrange a sort of picnic at the premises of our primary school. Apart from this, we would also search for the nests of birds.

Conclusion : In fact, my childhood is like a playground, where those sweet memories are just like the players that give me joy and pleasure. For me, these memories of my childhood are the safest shelters whenever I am in any danger or tension.


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