A Journey By Boat Paragraph

A Journey By Boat Paragraph

In modern age a journey by boat offers a big thrill for the young generation. In the last rainy season my friends arranged a journey by boat. At first they hired a big sailing boat and took all the necessary steps for journey. Our best friend Nila planned it at first. According to Nila we decided for a picnic in the boat on the Gomoti river during our journey. We started from the northern side of the river to the southern. We took all the utensils for the picnic on the day of our journey. We started early in the morning and took our breakfast after one hour of our journey.

The river was calm and quiet and the wind was in favour of us. Jasim, one of our friend, sang “Batiali” song. After sometime we started cooking. We separated our deeds among everybody and worked equally. Moni was cooking meat and we were helping her. Rita told us different types of jokes. All of us were laughing and hearing her jokes. Then our boat reached the southern bank of the river.

We got down on the bank and took our lunch there. After lunch we arranged a debate we were five in number, so I directed the debate. In the evening we came back home. Our journey by boat lasted for eight hours. It is a memorable day in my life.

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