Honesty Is The Best Policy Composition

Honesty Is The Best Policy Composition

Honesty means doing things according to the dictates of one’s true conscienes. It is, therefore doing the right thing in the right thing in the right way.

It is found that at the beginning of honesty does not pay. It is neither appreciated nor it brings any miracle success in life. Those who want short cut way to success and those who want to enjoy things without deserving, may have their eagerness to win easy success discard honesty. They adopt dishonest means to reach their target. Such people divorcing the honesty and morality may attain in success in the beginning but in the long run they are bound to suffer. On the other hand, an honest man is the asset to his family, society and to his country. People remembered him with regard even after his death. He is sure to get remuneration from almighty allah, he will be able to rest his soul in peace.

In the earthly world people are in a hurry to get easy success in life. Success here does not mean that doing thing that would not have any contribution to the society. The object of such men are to make a fortune even at the cost of their fellowmen, their country men and their country. Such men, to speal the truth, are enemies to the people and the state. They also bring ruin to themselves, even to their country in the long run.

The countries that work and speak honestly attain lasting success and get leading position in the committee of nations. Unless everybody works honestly no nation can prosper. Those who work with dishonest purpose, contribution to the destruction of their nation.

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