Health Is Wealth Composition

Health Is Wealth Composition

Health is the sound state of body and mind. It the source of all happiness. So health is the greatest wealth of a man.

Health brings happiness. A healthy man is a happy man in this world. He can eat and drink any things he likes. He can do any work he likes. He has sound sleep and peace of mind. He can enjoy all happiness of the world.

An unhealthy man, on the other hand, is unhappy and restless, He has neither taste for good dish nor he has a sound  sleep at night. He cannot enjoy his life. He lives in a very miserable life. Hence we find that health is a blessing for one and loss of it is a curse.

To keep our body healthy we must observe some rules of health. They are early to rise and early to bed and rest a while after dinner, and walk a mile after supper. We must be regular in our exercise.

Regular exercise improves our health. We must be careful about our daily food and drink. We must not take either more or less food. Over eating is as bad as under eating. We should also take ideal food and pure drink. We must also be always neat and clean in habit. We should also keep ourselves aloof from the bad association which disturbs peace of mind.

Health is, no doubt, a blessing to us. A poor worker with sound health is much happier than the powerful king who has lost his health. So we must keep in good health if we desire to enjoy our life. Health provides happiness and peace of mind.

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