Physical Exercise Composition

Physical Exercise Composition

“Health is wealth” runs the popular saying. Really speaking, a sound health is one of the greatest blessings of life. Everyone should try his best to acquire it. It can be improve by physical exercise.

Mind and body are closely connected. Education improves all the faculties of the mind and physical exercise improve all the parts of the body. So physical exercises is necessary for keeping health. It makes us strong, active and keep us free from diseases. A sound mind goes with a sound body. Taking regular exercise is the best way to keep our body and mind sound. Physical exercise is essential for the people who have to do brain work.

Physical exercise is of many kinds. It would be impossible to mention all of them here. We shall talk about the easiest and simplest exercise. Walking is an excellent exercise. It is within the easy reach for all. A man who does not develop his body in other ways he should make it a point to walk at least one hour a day. The football game is also an interesting physical exercise. It is generally found among the students. Swimming is another kind of exercise. It also makes us strong and cheerful. Almost all people of our country take exercise by swimming. A walking in the open air is also a very good exercise. It cures our mind and body.

Physical exercise is in deed, a great necessity, but it should not be done over. So to improve our body we must not neglect it. Because body and mind should be hand in hand.

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