Your Favourite Book Composition

Your Favorite Book Composition

I have read a lot of books, Many of them are travelling accounts, discoveries and adventures. A few of them are biographic, several of them are novels.They increase our knowledge.

The book which I like most is the treasure Island’ Written by R. L. Stevension. This book is full of adventures.

“Treasure Island’ is written for the young readers who are fond of thrill, excitement and adventure.

Jim Hawkins, a boy of about twelve years old, is the hero of the story. jim possessed the map of the hidden treasure that was in an island known as treasure island. Jim along with his party went there by the ship Hispaniola. Some pirates along with their leader, Long John Silver were one of them. The pirates wanted to take the treasure and heroic possession. The voyage was full of struggles, adventurous and heroic deeds. Jim’s friends and jim himself were saved from their attacks for his bravery and ready-wit. At last the pirates were defeated and the treasure was found out. Then theny went back to England with the great treasure in their possession.

Specially the two factors of the story of this found, really conspicuous thereof one is joint venture for the voyage which requires unity, patients and faithfulness, the other is during the adventure bound to face its danger and problems and getting out from those taking life risk.

The book has given me much interest. Its heroic deeds made me spell bound. The book is so interesting and thrilling that we cannot stop reading until we have it. So I like the book most.


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