A Railway Station Composition

A Railway Station Composition

A railway station is the place where trains arrive, hold for a few minutes and then depart. At a railway station some passengers get down from the train while some get into it.

A railway station has a platform. This platform is raised aside or in the middle of the rail line. The platform has several rooms. There are a station masters room, a booking office and waiting rooms, Tea-stalls, book-stalls, betel vendors etc. are accommodated in the platform. There are commercial advertisements here and there. At night the station is lit by electric lights. Dazzling lights, red and blue signal lights make the station dreamland.

A railway station is a busy place. There are always, passengers at the station. With the arrival of the train the station become busy with activity. Passengers rush in search of a convenience compartment. Porters hurry forward caring loads of luggage. Hawkers shout to sell their goods in various moods and tones. Suddenly the train whistles and steams off. The station again releases into silence.

Railway is a popular means of communication. Road communication has extended now- a days; but railway is still the easiest and safest means of communication. There are many places where train is the only available transport. Hence the importance of a railway station is a great.

A railway station is very useful to. It is an important place for passengers to get on trains and to get down from trains. In our country there are so many poor stations.


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