Picnic Composition

Picnic Composition

Picnic is peasant diversion. It breaks the monotony of life. It brings one’s daily life to touch of variety. It carries us away from our daily existence to a different world. It may be said that the relation of prose in with the charm of poetry. It release the joy held down by the burden of duties and responsibilities. Hence it feed us a refreshing tonic.

Picnics are of various kinds. One may have a picnic with one’s family. This is not very common in Bangladeshi households. Here domestic life seems to have no scope for occasional excursions. The relationship between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, too often becomes lifeless. Outing in the open air, way from the monotonous family life is therefore, always amusing.

Another kind of picnic is with friends. This is far more common to us. Students of schools and colleges as well as members of clubs and institutions often organised this type of excursions. For a large party of friends to go out somewhere and enjoy some short of mobility must be pleasant.

A picnic has four stages. The first stage is planning. After this is there should be discussion with the plans in advance which creates happiness in anticipation. Next comes preparations. One must arrange conveyance, collect utensils and food commodities. Usually there is division of labour and responsibilities. The burden has to be shared equally. Some is to bring onething while some is to bring another. Finally there is the return journey. Things have to be packed up carefully. The days of festivity is properly rounded off by an exercises. Of responsibilities.

A picnic is not for those who want everything to be tidy and orderly as at home. It is the paradise of the amateurs. He who cannot allow for petty lapes and misadventures will find picnics irritating. Only those who are able to accommodate themselves easily to discomforts will really enjoy a picnic.


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