Learning Computer Education Paragraph

Learning Computer Education Paragraph

Today computer has occupied an important place in the mind of the people. To meet their demand many training centers have been set up. With the help of computer we can solve any complex problem within a minute. In our modern life we canno’t think even for a day without it. It is not a fashion but a necessity. So, i have learnt computer education from ‘Jatiya Mohila Sangstha’ situated at Baily Road in Dhaka. I have to spend four hour in a day. I have to attend my classes all the days in a week except on holidays. I have been continuing this for three months. I learnt it from October to December. There are a lot of computer training centers remaining co-education. I prefer girls to boys one for my own interest. Our training center is only for girls.

There were 20 students in our batch. The cost of the course is suitable for all classes of people. It costs only one thousand taka for MS office course what is lesser than most other training centers. After completing the course I have got A+ certificate. Everywhere from home and abroad computer is used. So, everyone should have knowledge about it to equip himself with the 90 of the day.

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