My Mother Paragraph

My Mother Paragraph

*** Write a paragraph on your mother.

My mother is an ideal housewife of fifty. She comes of a respectable Muslim family. She is very polite, affectionate and intelligent. She manages the family very nicely. She does every household works. She takes great care of all of us. She loves me very dearly. She is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for my happiness. She hopes to see me happy even at the cost of her own life. She holds my good avove everything in the world. Her anxiety knows no bounds if I fall ill. She does not enjoy a wink of sleep. But her face beams with joy when I come round. My mother is very religious. She says her prayers five times a day. She is also very kind to the poor. She tries to help the poor as far as possible. My mother possesses a good sense of sanitation.

She keeps our house neat and clean. She is a woman of delicate taste. She reads books when she gets time. She bears a good moral character. She advises us to follow the path of truth and honesty. She also advises us to be polite, gentle and modest. i hold my mother in profound respect. I am greatly indebted to my mother.

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