Dignity Of Labour Composition

Dignity Of Labour Composition

When Allah sent adam in the earth, He commanded Him to earn his bread by work. It signifies that labout is sacred and dignifed.

Labour indicates manual labout and mental labour and mental labour. Manual labour means doing something with one’s own limbs, mainly hands. It is called physical labour. Intellectual activities are termed as mental labour. Manual labour and mental labour are closely connected. Both are useful. Nothing great and noble can be achieved without manual labour. In our daily affairs of life, manual labour plays a very important role. The work to a housewife, a farmer, a weaver and others are very important. The modern cultivation would be next to impossible without manual labour. Every honest work is noble. It brings fame. It is worship all the religions of the world direct their followers to be industrious. Therefore, manual labour is secred. It brings prosperity in life.

A man who does not like to do works must not be able to earn his food. He will have either go on starvation or to steal. As a result, he is hated and neglected by others. He dies leaving nothing behind him. So negligence of work can not earn respect from other.

It is the labour by which a man can fulfil his desires. A man who works honest is sure of getting his food, clothes and shelter.

All the great man of the world honoured by manual labour. The life history of the great men like. Hazrat Muhammad (sm), Emperor Nasiruddin, They all did every possible work with their own hands.

Industry is the mother of good luck. We should be industrious to attain success in life.


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