Knowledge Is Power Composition

Knowledge Is Power Composition

Knowledge means an understanding the objects from the study of books and observations from the life and nature. It is not the same as learning one has to study at school and colleges. But one may have knowledge from observing things without ever going to school and colleges. Knowledge gain is endless. We never know how more there is yet to know.

Knowledge is like a tool. The more you cultivate the more it become useful. It is compared with the running water with a standing petrol. Knowledge is like the sunshine that drives away the darkness of the mind. Knowledge is like a sparkling star that always allures us the to know the unknown.

Knowledge enables a man to be wise. There are wild beasts which are mightier than the man. But they all are under control of man. There are forces in nature as for example, lighting, thunder, storm flood, earthquake and tidal bore which can destroy men and civilization in a moment. But knowledge has enabled man to control over, all the forces of nature. Man has control over them and makes them to serve the mankind. Man has sailed over the seas and discovered lands and people and animals which never know before. Man has enable to use of the lighting to brighten the darkest night and to cool the hottest days. He makes use of the natural gas, coal, petrol etc. To produce higher power. He conquers times and space. He conquers the world and looks for the other worlds the stars and the planets-to conquer.

A wise man is often in problem at adjustment with his society. As he knows more and sees more than the others, his ideas are always different from and more radical from others. So he hates all sorts of wrongdoing in the society. A man of strict principles has to say ,no, to a dogmatic view. So naturally he is not liked by man in power.

In a word, all his scientific discoveries and inventions are the results of knowledge. It makes him undoubtedly the mightiest of all the creatures in the universe.


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