Self Reliance Composition

Self Reliance Composition

One of the greatest virtues that one should try to develop his habit of self reliance. A man who relies upon himself wins a sort of glorious independence. For he has not to wait to be helped by others. His attitude to life is the heroic. He is a host in himself. Life to him is a great adventure, full of interest and excitement.

In our country, the lesson of self-reliance is particularly needed. We are by nature fatalistic on our destiny. Our tendency is to depend too much on fate, or chance, or some other person to help. This habit of mind destroys the spirit of action. But if we have courage, daring and initiative, we may become the masters of our destiny.

Self-reliance is the parents of many virtues. The self-reliant man is patient and persevering. He does not shirk his duties or responsibilities. He does what he can by himself and uses it as an responsibilities. He does what he can by himself and uses it as an instrument for greater success. He faces his misfortunes with a quiet courage. The self reliant man feels neither fear nor shame to labour with his own hands if necessary.

The history of human achievement is indeed a record of what man can do by himself. Great heroes, Great scientists, great merchants, they were all self made men. Babar founded an empire relying on his own strong arm.

Self-reliance does not mean that one should be concentrated about oneself. It should always go hand with a proper feeling of modesty. Another defect to be guarded against the selfishness : Self-reliance should not make one selfish. A man should act for himself, but he should be ready to extend his helping hand to others in their need.


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