Unity Is Strength Composition

Unity Is Strength Composition

A man, who may be strong or intelligent but he can not alone fight against all the difficulties and obstacles that happen. He requires help from some men around him to overcome the problem. With the help of others, he can subdue them. So runs an English saying. “United we stand, divided we fall.”

The member of together more or less what ever it may be, there must be unity among them. For lack of unity many families in the society fall out in quarrel. As a result soon they become separate. Many clubs or organisations need absolute unity, otherwise if may turn to quarrel and then it would be impossible to lasting. Here also question of unity arises. A big political party need unity, if there is no unity this is sure to be ruin of the party. So, for the sake of our interest we should give importance to unity.

The value of unity is perceived in every walk of life. So long as the members of a family work together everything goes on well with it. But when they quarrel, it goes to ruin. History gives us many examples of unity, In ancient times Greece was divided into several small states. But so long as they acted together, the Persians could do nothing. Alexander the Great, Was able to conquer the punjab, mainly because of there was then no unity among the Indian Kings. If they all could be united and face alexander, the fall of the punfab might have been Prevented.

So unity leads to strength, strength, success, peace and prosperity and disunity leads to weakness, defeat and ruin.


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