Compulsory Primary Education Composition

Compulsory Primary Education Composition

Primary education means education of a child up to the age of fourteen. It is the foundation of modern society and democratic country. An educated community ensures happy social life and intelligent political activity. The modern world of science demands that every citixen should be able to understand the facts and information to take interest in what is going on all around. Primary education is the minimum training that creates the proper conditions of line.

The period of primary education should be at least up to the fourteen years. If it is less than this then its force will be reduced, if a child gives up his study less than this cannot tends to what he has learnt, forget all by and by, if so his education closes there, his education soon lapse into ignorance. By this time if he is fourteen or has reached class Villi, he would have learnt the essential things, when he will passes out into active life he will be able to read the daily newspaper and take a intelligent interest in affairs. At same time he must be given a basis on which his subsequent education may surely be rest. It will make him a better citizen of democratic country. If he is able to keep his accounts do his correspondence, and read a newspaper, he will be able to use his franchise and rights of citizenship.

The task is not easy in a country where even now sixty percent people are illiterate. In spite of high rate of illiteracy it has been going on to overcome the problem. The entire force of the country must be mobilized to wage against ignorance. Any government must spend the maximum amount for this object, as they would have done in war against an enemy. There should be compulsion for students, and enroll the name of workers. Illiterate people must be taught to the utmost. School buildings must be open for the illiterate adults in the evening. A network of primary education must be operated throughout the country.

In a word with the steps of the government, realizing the value of education, People from all walk should come forward for its development. In order to build up a prosperous future nation of the country. In comparison with developed country of the world, We shall make out that we are lacking behind due to only want of education.


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