A Village Doctor Composition

A Village Doctor Composition

A village doctor is a useful in the village. He plays an important role in village life. In every village there are village doctors. But most of them are not duly qualified. That does not matter much. He is competent to deal with the common diseases of the villagers.

The dispensary of a village doctor is not rich. There is one or two almirah with a small stock of medicine. He has a chair and a table for his own use and a bench for the patients. He has no compounder to help him.

A village doctor is generally very popular with his patients. The reason for his popularity is that he takes a very small fees from his patients. Secondly, his chamber is used as a gossiping center. During an election, the chamber of the village doctor virtually becomes a sub polling center.

He takes a great care of his patients. Sometimes he keeps himself sitting for hours together by the side of his serious patient. His main object is to cure them. In serious cases he advises his patients to call in a qualified doctor.

Now young M.B.B.S doctors have also started going to work in the village. As a result the bussiness of the quack doctor is shrinking. Now importance of the quack is gone by, since many qualified doctors are now available in the village.

A village doctor is a friend of the villagers. He may be not have degree but villagers have faith in him and they depend on him. With all his shortcomings a village doctors is a useful person in the society. Necessary steps should be taken to impart proper training to them.


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