The Postman Composition

The Postman Composition

The postman is known to all. He brings news from our near and dear ones. So sometimes he is the carrier of happy news and sometimes he is the carrier of heart burning news.

The postman puts on a khaki dress. He has a letter bag hanging across his shoulder. He moves from house to house and delivers letters, money orders etc to the addressees. From this a boy can say, “This is a postman”.

The postman is a responsible, punctual, and dutiful govt. employee. He attends the post office in time. He opens the mail bags and sorts letters, money orders etc, and pits the date stamp on them. Then he goes to deliver them. He collects the letters from the letter box.Then he makes the mail-bags ready for dispatch. he has to be careful about money-order, registerd letters and insured articles.

In the town areas the postman can not come in close contact with the people. He walks from house to house and drops the letters into the personal letter boxes. If there is no personal letter box, he lets down the letters with a knock at the door, So his duty is very important.

The life of a postman is not easy. His duty is full of responsibility. He has to be regular in his duties. He has to lead a busy, punctual and dutiful life. His failure in duties may cause great harm to the people.

A good postman has many qualities. He is dutiful and sincere. He is regular, honest and concious of his duties. He is an embodiment of quiet service.

The postman is a very useful servant of us. We cannot do without his service. He brings us news from home and abroad. We eagerly wait for his arrival.

The postman does a very responsible work. In all seasons in good or had weather, he performs his duty. So he should be paid a decent salary but who neglects his duty should be punished.


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