National Zoo Paragraph

National Zoo Paragraph

I got a chance to visit national to visit national zoo when I was too young. My brother Alamgir. lived in Dhaka. He was a student of dhaka University. When he came home, he talked to me about National Museum, National Zoo & other important places. Last December when I completed my final exam. I came to dhaka with my elder bother Alamgir. I came from pabna to Dhaka by boat & bus. Oneday with my cousin I went to see the National Zoo. I saw there Tigers, Striped Hyenas, golden jackals, Buffaloes, Sheep and the rare one horned Rhinocerous these were but some of the animals I saw. I had to follow some rules and regulations in the zoo. These rules and regulations were-to buy a ticket and not to touch any tree and flowers in the zoo, to be careful of tiger etc. My experience there was very interesting.

At first I saw how the nocturnal animals became active after a rest. There I tool a self-service, lunch. I didn’t know how to take it. So my cousin explained to me that I could pick up any food I liked and that I could take as much as I needed. I tasted quite a number of different items. The food was magnificent and highly enjoyable. I spent there 4 hours and enjoyed all the moments.

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