Games And Sports Composition

Games And Sports Composition

In modern age, games and sports occupied, an important place in our systemof education and in our national life. They are considered not less important than the study of books in any scheme of education.

Games are of two kinds, they are outdoor and indoor games. Football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, golf, volley-ball, ha-du-du, dariabandha and such other games that are played in an open fields are called outdoor games. Cards, dice, carrom board, chess, ping-pong and such other games that are played inside a room, are called indoor games.

The outdoor games give a good exercise to our limbs, and vigour to our muscles. The players of football have to do a lot of running with the ball, kicking at it all time when the game is played. The players of cricket also have to do a lot running and hit hard the ball with their bats. This game thus gives strength to the hands and the legs. The players of hockey also have to run all over the field with the hockey sticks in the hands and strike at the ball with them. This game also exercises both the legs and the hands. This is also the same case with the games of badminton and tennis.

The indoor games do not have same movement of the limbs or the muscles of the players as the outdoor games. But they sharpen their wit and add to the power of brain. The players of indoor games turn very clever and skillful.

It may however, be said that outdoor games can help more in building up the body and character than the indoor games can. Indoor games also have enough utility. Yet, young men and children will do well if they take more part in outdoor games than indoor games.


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