Essay On My Hobby

Essay On My Hobby

Introduction: Hobby means one’s favourite occupation (প্রিয় পেশা) but not one’s main business. It may not bring him money but it gives him joy and pleasure. A man must have a hobby for a sound mind and sound health. A man can not enjoy his leisure without a hobby. So it is necessary to enjoy life.

I am a student. I have a hobby. My favorite hobby is gardening. It gives me much pleasure. I have a garden in front of my reading room. Whenever I get time, I work in it. I loose the soil with the spade and weed out the grass. I water the plants regularly. I also put a fence around my garden so that cattle or naughty children can not do any harm to my garden. In the morning my heart leaps up with joy (আনন্দে নেচে উঠা) to see my garden full of various flowers. They spread(ছড়ায়) ‍a sweet smell. The garden also looks very charming.

It has improved my body and mind. Before making this garden I was a boy of ill health. I did not fee hungry. I lost my taste for food. Day by day I became weak. I started the garden to have a sound health and my health, in fact, improved.

Everyday I work in the garden at least for two hours. As a result of it my blood runs well. The beauty and sweet smell of different flowers make me jolly. On holidays I work more in my garden. When my friends come to our home, I take them into my garden and thank me.

I also grow various kinds of vegetables in one corner of my garden. My mother becomes very happy to have to have the vegetables. She prepares delicious dishes and serves to our family. This also gives me much pleasure.

Conclusion: Thus my hobby is a great source of joy and pleasure. It relieves me from my routine bound works. It helps me forget sorrows and sufferings. It makes my body strong and mind jolly.


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