Happy rose day

Rose day is very special for us. It is very lovely day all over the world.rose day is very important i think so…                                             READ MORE>>>Rose Day Wishes Messages

 Happy rose day

Happy rose dayMay our love always triumph
in the face of obstacles. may
it out shine any ugliness that

Might arise, just like a single
red rose amidst a field of thorns.
lovely rose day.

My rose is red,,,your eyes are blue,
you love me,and i love u.
Happy valentine’s day in advance.,,
Happy rose day ,,!!

Sweeter than the candies
Lovelier than the read roses
More hug gable than soft toys

That’s what you’re wishing you
a rose day that’s as special as
,,,,!!!!You’re happy rose day !!!!,,,,

Fragrance always remains
In the hands of those who
distribute roses !
,, Happy rose day,,

Don’t send yellow rose if
You want a long everlasting
Relation; don’t give white rose

If you want a romantic relation
Send a red rose which defines
Our beautiful relation …
,,,,Happy rose day,,,,

A black single rose
A single black rose….
A single black rose

To carry the load,,,
A single black rose
to turn the road,

A single black rose to melt your  heart….
!!!! Happy rose day !!!!

When I first felt love for you,
I knew it would be special and forever..
this rose day I wish to honor you

With my love as i always do
Because you are mine,,,,!
!!..Happy Rose Day..!!

Happy rose day quotes

Happy rose day quotes

Every one love a rose….
but no one will love
a leaf that made the rose

Don’t love some one who is beautiful
But love that person who
Makes your life beautiful….
,,,,Happy rose day to my love,,,,

Be regular as clock
Be soft as flower
I know is difficult

But just keep trying
Be fresh as rose,,
!!!! Happy Rose Day sweetheart !!!!

Can you imagine the world without rose?
it won’t be the same because
an important part of its,,

Beauty will be lacking
That is what my life would be without you,
!,,,,Happy Rose Day,,,,!

Your smile your laughter, your beauty !
your scent and your company,,

I always think of you a smile on my face,
I love you my precious rose…
>>>Happy Rose Day<<<

U merely a rose, but i give you
My heart and soul. i sent to u
All the love I have to give,

And anything else that would
Give me the chance to touch Ur Heart ..!
!..Happy Rose Day..!

On this rose day
Hope you found this a special rose !
With love & care for the one you chose,,,,
I wish you Happy Rose Day to my dear friend !!!!



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