Happy propose day

Happy propose day is very nice and beautiful day. it is very wonderful day all over the world…

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propose day quotes

propose day quotes

On This Special Day I Want To Say
Grow Old Along With Me ,
The Best Is Yet To Be.

Will You Spend The Rose Of Your Life
With Me ? Happy Propose Day ,,!!
Love is something that find you,,,,

I want to be with U until the sun
falls from the sky,,,,
!!,,Happy Propose Day ,,!!

Happy propose day my love,,!
gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai
sitaro ne gagan se salam bheja hai
Mubarak ho apko ye
!!,,Happy Propose Day ,,!!

U are unique
U are caring and
U are the Best , And

I am luckiest to have U in my life !
!!,,Happy Propose Day  my sweet heart,,!!

I have a heart that is true,
but now it has gone from me to u
so care for it just like i do,
B’COZY I have no heart n u have to ,
!!,,Happy Propose Day ,,!!

happy propose day

I miss you everyday; I need you everyday,
I feel you every minute, I want you every
i want to be a little candle in your life

That may touch your heart in a little
while it burns and given you light,
<<< Happy Propose Day >>>

propose day sms

Even if I know love is full of
thorns , I would embrace it for
you coz I know in between that

propose day image

Thorns there is a rose which is worth all the pain.
I promise that I will stand by your side forever and
love you forever and love you forever,,
<<< Happy Propose Day >>>

The smallest word is I the
sweetest word is love, and the
dearest person on earth is you.
And that is y I love you.

Love is thinking about other person
more than yourself. N m thinking of you.
!,,,, Happy Propose Day ,,,,!

To be someone’s first love is great,
but to be their last is beyond perfection. you don’t
have any idea how fast by heart beats

When you are around…
<<< Happy Propose Day >>>

Logic is one thing , the human animal another
you can quite easily propose a logical
solution to something and at the same

Time hope in your heart of hearts
it won’t work out….
!! Happy Propose Day !!

Fore my part , I consider that it
will be found much better by
all parties to leave the past to history

Especially as I propose to 
write that history myself….
<! Happy Propose Day !>



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