Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Internet is the latest medium of communication. This is a speedy transmitting system of information with the help of computer and computer networks. Internet is now regarded as a milestone of the modern world of communication. It is in fact a network  of communication. In Bangladesh , internet has opened a new dimension in our communication system. Both bttb the our government have  taken active initiatives for its better implementation in our country. The use of internet in our country is still limited and costly. Offers age is the age of information. Information is stored and we fine them through internet. Now the world of commerce has been changed by it.

internet based e-commerce has become most popular to many customers as they can buy or choose anything without going to a market. Educational institutions are also taking its advantages. Many students are communicating with their teachers, libraries and amino themselves with the help of internet in the shortest possible time. those days are not so far when boy student will have access to internet and take its maximum benefits.

internet is a network of computer systems that have been connected to each other using standard communication protocols. internet gives access to a large volume of precious and useful information.

Internet operations began when the US department of defense connected some computers through optical cable networks. these networks also used satellites for transmission of data to far-off places.

The internet service is provided by both government and private organizations.

Internet has given the most exciting mode of communications to all the e-mail. we can send as e-mail to all the corners of the world. The data cost of internet for sending an E-mail is very low.

further, internet can be used to collect information from various website on different subjects. This information could relate to education, medicines, literature, software, computers, business, entertainment, friendship and leisure. internet is also used for carrying out business operations and that set of operations is know as electronic commerce (e-commerce).

All the newspapers, magazines and journals of the world are available on internet. The possibilities an internet are endless.

The advantages of internet are low cost, large volumes of information, high speed of access and good quality of entertainment.

Its disadvantage is that people often waste time while surfing through various websites on internet.

The new century has ushered into a new era of information technology and internet is the back bone of this modern era.

Internet is the means of communication through computers. It is the largest system of many connected computers around the world. This is a speedy transmitting system of information with the help of computer and network. It is the computerized process with telephone set. to get internet connection , it requires a modern telephone line and a different sort of software for using the network system. There are few types of internet. They are on-time internet and off-time internet.

internet usually gets connection from three networking system. They are LAN(local area network), MAN(metropolitan area network) and WAN(world wide area network). Now a days an internet is of great use to us. It has made the world smaller and brought the world within our reach. We can get information on every matter within a very short time. Bangladesh internet has opened a new dimension in our communication system. But the use of internet is still costly in our country.


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