the summer vacation i enjoyed essay

the summer vacation i enjoyed essay

To me as to all students nothing is more welcome than a long Vacation, such as a summer vacation. It provides the longest rest from the tedious routine of daily life. indeed, It is the purpose of long vacation to give rest and recreation to our body and mind.

The students have a particular fascination for summer vacation. In the Summer, Mangoes and Jackfruits ripen. So i spent the first few days of the last summer vacation by visiting some very near relations and indulging in eating mangoes, blackberries and Jackfruits. in my maternal uncle’s house my aunt selected the best mangoes for me. she found a great delight in feeding me with milk and mango-juice. But i am not so silly as to pass the vacation in prolific way. i combined pleasure with profit and recreation with instruction.

So after the round of visits i aevoted myself to studies. I made a plan to revise all the lessons during the vacation. I made successful. i read in the morning and evening and worked out sums at noon regularly.

My friends and i organized a campaign against illiteracy for two weeks. We set up night schools where we taught adults the three R’s and gave them ideas on the comparative study of agriculture in different Countries, Moreover, sometimes, I went to help my parents in their daily activities. Thus i turned the summer vacation to good account by pursuit of pleasure and knowledge. The vacation became profitable to me in many respects.



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