Tree Plantation Composition

Tree Plantation Composition

introduction: Trees are blessing of nature. trees are our best companions. trees are useful to us in many ways. Trees have much influence upon the climate of a country. So, we should plant more trees every year.

usefulness: We need trees for different. trees give us food, shelter and oxygen. they make our land fertile. They save land from erosion. we get wood from trees. This wood is used in making house, boats, ships and furniture etc. they save as from cyclone. They also give us shade to protect us from the baring sun.

Many trees give us fruits. the mango trees, coconut trees, black Barry trees etc. Give us fruits as well as timber . Trees help to cause rain. they prevent our land from becoming a desert. Trees give shelter to brids and beasts.

Trees are things of beauty also. the green rows of trees in the forest arrest our eyes. trees are essential to human life. our environment is being polluted day by day. trees prevent this pollution.

The people of our country cut down trees regularly. They use wood as fuel. Trees are also burnt in the brick fields. as a result our country is losing so many of her trees. This is a great threat to human life. If this process continues, the country will turn into a desert. It is high time we planted trees more and more to prevent our environment.

proper time for planting: The months of june and july are the proper time for planting trees. Trees should be planted by every man in his home. Shady and fruit trees should be planted by the sides of the roads, ponds, dams and railway line, in the schools and colleges.

conclusion: Trees are indispensable to our life. So it is our life. so, it is our duty to plant trees and take care of them. Every year the government launchers tree plantation campaign. We should help to make it a success.

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