A Teacher Paragraph

A Teacher Paragraph

a. Who is a teacher? b. What is his role? c. What qualities does he possess?  d. Why is he busy?  e. What is his only thought?

A teacher is an architect of a nation. He plays an important role in building up an educated nation. He dispels the darkness of ignorance from the lot of a nation. He is an actor. so to speak. He has to suit his act according to the need his audience which is his class. He is able to hold the attention and interest of his students. He is a clear speaker with good, strong pleasing voice which is under his control. He does not sit motionless before his class. He makes lessons interesting to the students. He makes his students confident and proves them clever.

Everybody has something valuable inside him. A good teacher discovers the treasure hidden inside each student. He also wants the students happy and for this he keeps them busy. A good teacher never hankers after money. His only thought is how he could present the nation a good citizen. Being a teacher is a great step. A tool to build the lives of all students.



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