Pahela Baishakh Paragraph

Pahela Baishakh Paragraph

With the advent of New Year the Bangalees in this part of the world start enjoying themselves taking part in fastivity and different functions. The 1st of Baishakh ushers in the life of Bangalees new aspirations. The night before 1st Baishakh when the clock strikes 12 midnight, people start then festivity. Early in the morning men, woman, young boys and girls dressed in panjabi and saris gather around Ramna Batamul people start singing to welcome the sun of the New Year. Besides Ramna Batmul such functions are arranged all over the country in big cities and towns. Baishakh mela and different cultural functions are held throughout the day.

People take delegate in traditional Bengali food like panta bhath, hilsha and green chilly people also go out in the company of nearer or dearer ones. People also entertain their guests with the traditional Bangladeshi or the day. The shopkeepers hold halkhata to get their due from the customers but even the shopkeepers do not forget to entertain their customers with sweets and refreshments.

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