Globalization Paragraph

Globalization Paragraph

Globalization means covering the whole world. In the present world globalization has been introducted with a view to extending border-less market. Through globalization free flow of products as well as ideas is possible. Because of globalization a country can be benefited in many ways including free access to market, hi-tech information, trade, commerce, cultural affairs, employment opportunities and so many. Mainly the development countries are highly benefited for globalization . On the other hand, the developing countries are affected, to some extent, because the developing countries can not match with the development countries.The capitalist countries are becoming richer day by day.

Whereas, the poor countries are becoming poorer.  In the context of developing countries, Bangladesh is affected because of globalization. She can not keep pace with the border-less market and sharp competition created created by globalization. For example Bangladesh will lose its American market for its ready-made garments by the year 2005 because she will have to compete with the industrially developed countries.

Globalization has created competition but the poor developing countries like Bangladesh are no match for the industrially developed economic super powers. So the productive sectors of Bangladesh are at stake. However globalization can be fruitful only if there is proper if there is proper balance regarding positive attitudes of all, policy, trade, commerce etc.

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