A Visit To The National Museum Paragraph

A Visit To The National Museum Paragraph

I have read much about “The National Museum” in the text books and the newspapers. I have been cherishing a dream of visiting to the National Museum which is situated at shahbagh in dhaka for a long time. One day I got an opportunity to visit the National Museum when I went to my elder brother’s house in dhaka. He lives in Bangshal. On friday I accompanised my brother and went to shahbagh by bus. We bought two tickets for entrance into the museum. We entered and went to the first floor of the building which is the starting point of exhibition. At first we saw a big map of Bangladesh in which every district and ever arranged upozilas are by lights. Then we started to see all the things one after another. There are so many things to see in the museum that one can not believe without seeing with one’s own eyes. Among them, the skeleton of whale, sculptor’s world famous, Maslin sharee, Nakshi katha, the images of wild animals, musical instruments, different types of coins of the past, war weapons are note worthy. In the second floor, the picture of renowned and historical figures of our country are presseved.

I have enriched my knowledge seeing the things used in our liberation war. We had to spend about two and half an hour for observation of all the things. I had to follow the rules of the museum. I was not allowed to touch the arranged things. I have gathered practical experience on visiting our culture tradition, heritage, history and liberation war the National Museum.

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