Your Reading Room Paragraph

Your Reading Room Paragraph

(a) What is a reading room? (b) How many pieces of furniture are there in your reading room? (c) What things are there? (d) How is your reading room? (e) How do you maintain your reading room? (f) How do you feel in your reading room?

The room which is used for reading is called a reading room. Since I am a student, I have a separate reading room of my own. It faces to the south. It is a big room. There are two doors and two spacious windows. Sunlight comes easily into my reading room. There are a table, a chair and a nice book shelf in my reading room. There is a table clock on the table. The books are nicely arranged. I also keep a desk diary and maintain my daily routine. I keep my reading room need and clean. It serves the purpose of my bed room also. My reading room offers a fine show. I do not allow anyone to creat disturbance in my reading room. I feel comfortable in my reading room.

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