Shopping Status In Bangla

Shopping Status In Bangla : Dear reader friends, I have brought for you some nice things to watch Shopping Status In Bangla. I hope you enjoy reading it. So I shared with you.

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Shopping Status In BanglaShopping Status In Bangla

By shopping we mean buying different things or articles from a market or a shopping centre. People also for shopping to trade fair, village fair, book fair etc. Shopping is an essential task for us, We have to shop necessary things or articles for our family.

We shop daily necessaries like rice, flour, meat, fish vegetables and many other things from a local bazar. But to buy something special, we have to shop at the shopping center. On the eve of our festivals, we buy some special thingks like clothes, book, cards, show pieces, handicraft-goods, utensils and other things for our own use and also to present our friends and relatives.

Shopping is an essential as well as an intersting task. But sometimes people turn their faces from going to shopping centres, markets or stores because these places often become over crowded. These shopping centres become over crowded especially on the occasion of the festival like holy Eid, Durga puja, New year etc. Shopping becomes very troublesome then. It happens so because there are a small number of shopping centres in proportion to the number of customers.

In the shopping centres there are some shopkeepers who are not well behaved, trustworthy and of pleasing personality. So sometimes the coustomers are cheated by them. Hence shopping need bargaining and also careful choce on the part of the shoppers. Shopping is not an insignificant job. It requires the use of wit and paitence.

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