All Bangla Newspaper Paragraph

All Bangla Newspaper Paragraph


newspaper is the most important mass media all over the world. it is a paper that carries news and views from home and abroad. it is also the most important part of the modern world. we cannot pass even a day without it.

there are various kinds of newspaper. they are dailies, weeklies, monthlies and biweeklies. daily newspaper is the most popular of them.

newspaper helps all kinds of people. it helps us to know all kinds of news and view of home and abroad. politicians read the political news, businessmen read the business news, merchants go through newspaper to know the latest market situations, sport lovers read the sports news. the man who wants to get a job, observes the advertisement column of the newspaper.

the common people of the country express heir attitudes towards government through newspaper and the government also express views to the people through it. in this way newspaper makes a bridge between the people and the government.

newspaper also has some demerits. some newspaper publishes false news. by publishing false news it stimulates the public sentiment. sometimes newspaper gives exaggerated and sensational news to enhance its circulation.

though the newspaper has some demerits. it plays a vital role to send news and views to the people. it makes us know the present condition of homeland and the foreign countries.

it is the cheapest mass media that is the part and parcel of our life.


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